Introducing Brandon Bond: Artist who “Does Whatever The Hell He Wants”

If you can guess Brandon's first "tattoo", you’d be fairly surprised. At the age of 13, the young boy carved his first tattoo from his father's pocket knife, with “F.T.W” on his leg meaning “Fuck The World”.

His journey from a young artist inspired by his supportive parents on the shores of Perdido Key, Florida, to becoming one of the most influential tattoo artists in the world is nothing short of extraordinary. With over three decades of experience, Bond's early fascination with art was nurtured into a passionate career that has significantly shaped the tattoo industry.


“Skin tattooing is bizarre and sometimes a terrible journey”

Specializing in photorealistic tattoos, Brandon Bond's work is renowned for its meticulous detail, vibrant colors, and lifelike precision. He claims tattooing is a very difficult task, not like drawing on canvases, and that skin is much harder to work on. The level of seamlessness in the transition between the colors and their hues in his work is mesmerizing to witness.

One of his recent impressive works was a scalp tattoo. Being able to tattoo for 24 hours straight on a head while making it so incredibly realistic that you can see a reflection and the whole anatomy of the eye. To have hands that can capture a glow and different shades of the eyes on a scalp with hair follicles is some dedication which there's no doubt came from years of practice and passion.


Gaining Experience from "Wanting More"

Bond's artistic expedition began earnestly during his college years in Texas, where he was gifted his first tattoo machine. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of an illustrious tattooing career. Bond honed his craft under the guidance of Shaman Bear, mastering not only the art of tattooing but also the rigorous standards of sterilization and the diverse practices of piercing, scarification, and body suspension.

His relentless drive led him to tattoo across the United States, from the buzzing streets of Las Vegas to the historic corners of New Orleans for 10 years. He described those days as a long crazy journey but the best times of his life where he'd packed his car and tattoo equipment with his dog and hop from city to city. Each city added layers of depth and character to his style, culminating in his eventual settlement in Atlanta, Georgia. Here, he established the now legendary All or Nothing Tattoo and Body Piercing studio, which quickly became a beacon of innovation and excellence in the tattoo community.

Praise from Peers and Press

Brandon Bond's impact on the tattoo industry has been profound and widely recognized. Described by *Pain Magazine* as "The Best in the Business," his studio has shattered conventions and set new standards in the field. *Skin Deep Magazine* credits All or Nothing with changing the industry landscape, while *Prick Magazine* acknowledges Bond as "a man that needs no introduction."




Creative Insights with Brandon Bond

In a revealing conversation with Jean-Francois Laverdiere, Brandon Bond shared his artistic vision and a glimpse into his creative process when asked about his approach to developing a tattoo.

  • Jean-Francois Laverdiere: What do you visualize before developing a tattoo?
  • Brandon Bond: The flow on the body and the ability to determine what the image is from afar is key. I work with a body part and go crazy with it.
  • Jean-Francois Laverdiere: If you could tattoo anyone in the world, living or dead, who would it be and what would you tattoo on them?
  • Brandon Bond: I would tattoo a picture of Tupac on Jesus Christ. With an AK under it that says M.O.B. (money over b*tches) -- or I would tattoo Satan with "La Vida Loca."

An Xtreme Pro Artist

As an Xtreme Pro Team artist, Bond's commitment to his craft goes beyond the tattoo chair. He is a voracious participant in the national tattoo convention tour, sweeping awards, and accolades wherever he competes. His work has been featured in over 500 international publications, making him one of the most celebrated figures in tattoo artistry.


A Legacy of Leadership and Charitable Endeavors

Beyond his tattooing prowess, Brandon is equally dedicated to various charitable causes through his multiple businesses in Atlanta. His leadership extends into mentoring emerging artists at his studios, ensuring that his wealth of knowledge and ethical practices are passed down to future generations.

Beyond his remarkable tattoo artistry, Brandon Bond is deeply committed to rescuing and rehabilitating fighting pit bulls. Together with his wife, they work tirelessly at their All or Nothing Tattoo studio to provide new homes for these animals, emphasizing the importance of adoption over breeding. Their own rescued dogs, Cain and Medusa, once fighters, now symbolize the potential for love and loyalty that pit bulls can offer. By advocating for spaying and neutering to prevent unwanted puppies from facing euthanasia, Brandon not only saves lives but also educates the public on responsible pet ownership, making a heartfelt impact far beyond the tattooing community.

His Light-hearted Perspective on Success.

Brandon Bond's ascent in the tattoo world is often characterized by his pursuit of excellence, but it's his unfiltered commentary on the journey that captures the imagination. In one of his candid YouTube videos, he humorously describes his rise to fame as climbing a "mountain of blue mohawks, weird drug addicts, hot strippers, and titties," only to plant his flag at the summit and declare, "Yay, I’m awesome."


Despite the accolades, Brandon is quick to critique the superficial side of the tattoo industry, where respect often comes for "all the wrong reasons." He believes that genuine talent and hard work are overshadowed by a culture that favors flamboyance over substance.

His reflections extend to personal misconceptions, highlighting how his intense dedication to his craft is often misunderstood. "Nothing has changed about that man," a colleague mentions in the video, emphasizing that despite the fame, Brandon remains as passionate and grounded as ever

Through his humor and honesty, Brandon Bond invites us not just to admire his work from afar but to understand the real person behind the ink. His approach to life and tattooing is not just about making a mark on the skin but making a genuine connection with those who seek to understand the art and the artist.

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