Christian Boye : The Artist Behind Demons and Skull Tattoos is Just a Weird Dude with Two Cats

At what point did you decide what you wanted to be when you grew up? For Christian Boye, it was during his first grade in primary school, when made up his mind that he wanted to be a tattoo artist. The source behind his motivation? A picture of a guy on Google with tribal tattoos all over his body. What's even more admirable was his confidence. His young spirit was certain that he wanted to be a tattoo artist because he knew how to draw a dragon by the age of 7.



Christian Boye Larsen is a prominent Danish tattoo artist known for his dark art and horror-themed designs. He has a strong presence online, boasting 148,000 followers on Instagram, 20.6k followers on TikTok with over 472k likes, and 12,000 fans on Facebook. Christian also runs an educational website,, where he offers tattoo courses, and shares insights and techniques on his YouTube channel. His work is widely recognized and celebrated in the tattoo community for its creativity and depth.

Artistic Origins and Philosophies

With hopes of being a famous graffiti artist, Boye quit school after 9th grade, focusing on his drawings and graffiti to figure out where it would take him. He soon discovered his true calling in tattooing, and he decided to “put all his eggs in one basket” pursuing the career. However, he faced numerous setbacks including being fired from five different positions with conventional apprenticeships. This led him to a pivotal decision: retreating to his parent's basement to dedicate himself entirely to mastering his craft. There, free from constraints, he vowed to become “the greatest tattoo artist that has ever lived.”

A Self-Taught Success Story from His Parent's Basement

Christian’s path wasn’t paved with mentorship or formal apprenticeships; instead, it was marked by persistence and self-taught genius. His relentless pursuit led him to consume educational content from YouTube and documentaries, where he learned from renowned artists like Carl Grace, Paul Booth, and Bob Terrell absorbing the techniques that would define his distinctive style. He also claims Instagram to be heavily influential claiming “it was like a whole new world opening for me” as he found inspirations abundantly to feed his own passion.

Recognition and Influence

Christian's dedication has not gone unnoticed, earning him top honors at prestigious events such as the London Tattoo Conventions and Nordic Ink Festival, where he has been celebrated for his exceptional black and grey work, among other accolades. His influence extends beyond the convention scene; through his active presence on platforms like Instagram and YouTube, Christian has become a beacon for aspiring artists around the globe.

He's dedicated to his craft as well as its marketing. You can find funny skits and jokes on his social media channels, keeping the professional environment humorous and educational. He also offers seminars aimed at helping others develop their skills in tattooing.

Testimonials and Future Aspirations

The impact of Christian’s work is best articulated by his clients, including the world’s strongest man, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, who praised the smooth and relatively painless experience

I’m actually quite impressed with that. I have to admit before coming I was a bit nervous because my last experience getting tattooed on the calf was quite painful. I’m a human I feel pain like other people. This session was actually very easy on me And I didn’t feel much pain. It went super smoothly. I’m very happy with it. I think it looks badass."

Christian is focused on expanding his digital footprint, keen on sharing more about the person behind the ink and his art and teachings through Youtube videos and social media interactions.

Christian Boye Larsen on His Artistic Inspirations

In a candid discussion about his artistic journey, Christian Boye Larsen shared insights into the figures who have shaped his approach to tattooing. When asked about his top inspirations, Christian eagerly outlined the artists who have left a mark on his creative process:

"At number three, I'd definitely place Guy Aitchison. His work with organic motifs and the incredible flow of his designs really taught me a lot about integrating movement into my own pieces," Christian reflected. He continued, "Then there's Carl Graves at number two. His forward-thinking approach to freehand tattooing—how he incorporates realistic motifs into it—has opened my eyes to new possibilities within my own art."

The conversation took a deeper dive as Christian discussed his primary influence: "But if I have to choose my top inspiration, it's absolutely Tom Levitre. He's just doing things with tattoo art that nobody else can, and that's been incredibly inspiring for me."

“My ambitions change every year”

Christian also touched on his current ambitions and the future direction of his work. "Right now, I'm really focused on expanding my presence through videos. I want people to see the person behind all the demons and skulls I create," he explained he’s trying to connect with his audience on a more personal level. Christian describes himself as "just a weird-ass dude with two cats," Moko and Yasmin, both Ragdolls, who share his home in Roskilde. When he's not tattooing, he's lifting weights, a hobby that complements his intense professional life with physical vigor.


His Boyetattoocourse and "Not being a Gatekeeper"


Christian Boye Larsen has launched Boytattoocourse, an innovative online platform designed to improve the skills of tattoo artists. The program aims to streamline the learning process by offering focused instruction on various tattooing styles and techniques, which Boye believes is more efficient and effective than the scattered and sometimes misleading information available on YouTube.

"My mission with these courses is to teach tattoo artists how to tattoo even better and faster in different styles, so they can take it to the next level instead of wasting time and energy finding everything on YouTube, where half of it doesn't work or make sense or can even be harmful," says Larsen.

The course offerings are extensive, covering areas like Color Realism, Freehand Sketching, Line Work, and Whip Shading, among others. Each course includes HD video tutorials, lifetime access, weekly live Q&A sessions, and an active community of fellow artists. Moreover, participants who complete the courses receive an official certificate, adding a formal acknowledgment of their enhanced skills.

As a Xtreme pro team artist, Larsen expresses a personal philosophy against the restrictive 'gatekeeper' attitudes within the tattoo industry, emphasizing his belief in equality and the importance of sharing knowledge, whether for monetary compensation or mutual exchange. This initiative not only democratizes learning but also fosters a more collaborative and innovative tattooing community.

In his latest digital eBook, Christian Boye Larsen presents a compelling collection of fifty illustrated plates. This PDF-format publication vividly showcases Larsen's mastery in Horror and Bio-organic art, featuring intricate drawings and sketches of demons, skulls, tentacles, diabolical eyes, and spine-chilling primordial creatures. This collection offers a deep dive into the dark and intricate world that inspires Larsen’s acclaimed tattoo designs.


Christian Boye Larsen's journey is a compelling tale of self-made success, driven by an unyielding passion for art and an innate desire to share his vision with the world. His story is not just about the tattoos he creates but about inspiring others to follow their passions, however dark or unconventional they may be.