REACH Frequently Asked Questions 


1- Which REACH-compliant inks are now available to order from Xtreme?

We have over 100 REACH-compliant inks available to order. We anticipate even more REACH-compliant colored inks to be available very soon. Please check our Xtreme RC shop page for updated inventory.  

2- Which countries are affected by the ECHA REACH regulations?

REACH regulations only affect artists in the European Union. Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland) currently does not have the same restrictions, although the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) is evaluating whether a similar restriction should be introduced in the U.K.

3- What is different about new REACH compliant inks?

Through countless hours of testing and formulating, our scientists have removed preservatives, amines/PAH, and excess heavy metals from our inks. We only use the highest quality ingredients and REACH approved pigments. Since there is a very short list of pigments that are REACH compliant, some colors cannot be reproduced and are only available in our standard line.

 4- How much will the REACH compliant inks cost?

The cost of raw materials and ingredients that are REACH compliant is significantly higher than the previous industry standards, but we have managed to keep prices relatively low.

 5- What is happening with blue 15 and green 7?

We will be able to continue using these pigments until the end of 2022 unless regulations change. There really aren’t any good substitutes for these colors so please help by signing petitions and spreading the word!

 6- What about the Xtreme standard line – is it still safe to use?

The pigments in the Xtreme standard line are safe, clean, and practicable. They are, and always have been, safe for use. 

 7- Do these regulations matter in other countries around the world?

While the REACH regulations are based in the European Union, it is becoming a worldwide industry concern. Countries around the world, such as the U.S., the U.K., Australia and Canada, will be watching closely as these new regulations are implemented and may follow suit in the near future.

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